Institute for Women in Leadership

About Us

Brescia University College’s Institute for Women in Leadership (iWIL) supports the development of authentic leaders who choose to practice a sustainable, collective and socially responsible form of leadership. We envisage leadership as facilitating the creative exchange of multiple perspectives by fostering a deep commitment to mutually empowering, respectful relationships. This new leadership seeks to stimulate strength, courage and passion within individuals while promoting a culture of creativity and respect for diversity of expression.

iWIL’S Mandate is to provide information on leadership and sponsor opportunities so that women receive the experience, encouragement, coaching, and knowledge to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Through academic programs, events and volunteer opportunities here at Brescia, women will learn to recognize themselves as leaders and to develop their abilities to coach, mentor and inspire others based on exposure to the full range of individual expressions of effective leadership practices. By developing this leadership capacity, each woman will improve her own life and the lives of those around her.

At Brescia University College, leadership research and education continues to grow and flourish through academic and personal development programs. The Leadership Certificate allows students the ability to study various styles of leadership and how they can become an engaged leader.

iWIL promotes women’s leadership through a wide range of activities, events and initiatives that encourage individual women to be world-changers. The Sophia Series aims to inform the students of Brescia and women and men in the London community of the depth and richness of women’s wisdom in its many forms. Through conferences, iWIL reaches out to students and the community to explore their leadership skills and take the opportunity to learn from each other.

Through a variety of co-curricular activities, students, alumnae and women from the community can come together to learn from each other and understand the power of conversation and collective action.