Institute for Women in Leadership


Brescia University College
has a long history of developing women leaders; our founders, the Ursuline Sisters, were front runners in developing leadership among women. Brescia continues this tradition through our ongoing focus on educating women and through our mission of preparing our graduates to lead with wisdom, justice and compassion in a changing world. Within our University’s Living Leadership strategic plan one of the four strategic objectives is to establish Brescia as Canada’s pre-eminent leadership destination. Brescia lives its mandate as a centre for women’s leadership by modeling and promoting different approaches to community leadership, locally and globally, always embracing its Ursuline values and remaining fiscally sound, socially responsible, and environmentally attentive.

In 2006, a working group from all sectors of Brescia and community members assessed the feasibility of establishing an institute for women in leadership at the university. The group defined a vision of leadership reflective of the mission and values of Brescia and well-attuned to the needs of today’s world.